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Parent Center

Parent Center

Westside Consolidated School District will provide a parent center which will assist parents in helping their children succeed in school.  The parent center will provide other support services as needed by parents throughout the school year.

The district parent center is located at the Elementary School in the former library. The parent center is open during normal school hours but special accommodations can be arranged upon request.

Parent Facilitators can be contacted at (870) 935-7501 and choosing the appropriate campus or email and choose your school facilitator from the directory:

High School: Arin Parks

Middle School: McKenzie Turner

Elementary School: Breigh Earnhart

Parent Center Coordinator:   Heather Pate


Arin Parks - High School Parent Facilitator

Arin Parks – Westside High School Parent Facilitator

McKenzie Turner

McKenzie Turner – Westside Middle School Parent Facilitator

Breigh Earnhart

Breigh Earnhart – Westside Elementary Parent Facilitator

Heather Pate - Parent Center Coordinator

Heather Pate – Parent Center Coordinator