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Holly Abbott
Abbott, Holly
8th Grade English
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Julie Anderson
Anderson, Julie
Tiffany Baker
Baker, Tiffany
2nd Grade Teacher
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Nathan Bennett
Bennett, Nathan
Bus Driver
Kristi  Black
Black, Kristi
High School Civics Teacher
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Richard Blair
Blair, Richard
Director of Facilities/Bus Driver
Ashlie Blume
Blume, Ashlie
Bookout Brandy
Brandy, Bookout
2nd Grade Teacher
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Richard  Bowden
Bowden, Richard
4th Grade Teacher
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Freddy Bowen
Bowen, Freddy
Director of Maint., Transportation, Athletics
Kristi Bowen
Bowen, Kristi
Middle School Art Teacher/HS Cheer Coach
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Allyson Bowman
Bowman, Allyson
Special Education Paraprofessional
Ulanda Branch
Branch, Ulanda
Middle School Assistant Pricipal
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Annessa  Bratten
Bratten, Annessa
High School Choir Director
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Nathan Bratten
Bratten, Nathan
Band Director
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Bill Breeden
Breeden, Bill
District Treasurer
Teena Broadaway
Broadaway, Teena
Middle School Art Teacher
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Megan Brooks
Brooks, Megan
Elementary Paraprofessional
Deborah Brumley
Brumley, Deborah
HS Food Service Manager
Michelle Bultman
Bultman, Michelle
Elementary Paraprofessional
Jamie Bush
Bush, Jamie
High School Attendance Clerk
Tara Bush
Bush, Tara
Special Education Clerk/Bus Aide
Tammy Butts
Butts, Tammy
GT Dist Coordinator / GT Teacher 5-7
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Christina Campbell
Campbell, Christina
High School Chemistry Teacher
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Kayla Campbell
Campbell, Kayla
1st Grade Teacher
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Mary Carr
Carr, Mary
Director of Technology
Jennifer Carreiro
Carreiro, Jennifer
Elementary Music Teacher
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Lisa  Carroll
Carroll, Lisa
1st Grade Teacher
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Amanda Carter
Carter, Amanda
Health / Soccer / Golf / Computer Science
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Fred  Carter
Carter, Fred
Social Studies / Asst. FB / Head Track Coach
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Laura Cato
Cato, Laura
Elementary Paraprofessional
Ashley Cavenaugh
Cavenaugh, Ashley
Business Technology Teacher / Grant Writing
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Mary Jo Clark
Clark, Mary Jo
District Special Education Designee / Bus Driver
Heidi Cline
Cline, Heidi
2nd Grade Teacher
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Peggy Cline
Cline, Peggy
Elementary Admin. Asstistant
Trevor Cline
Cline, Trevor
Computer Tech
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