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Agreement Form

The Chromebook handbook must be read and we ask that you read and fill out this form.  Please discuss it with your child in order to receive a computer.  

By signing this agreement the student and parent/guardian agree to follow and accept:

*Student computer and internet use policies (Appendix A & B)

*This Chromebook Agreement in its entirety

*The website and social media guidelines (Below)

*That Westside Consolidated School District owns the Chromebook, software and issure peripherals

*If  the student ceases to be enrolled in Westside Consolidated School District, the student/parents will return the Chromebook in good working order or pay the full $200.00 replcement cost of the computer.  In addition the student must also return both the Chromebook and AC adapter.  Students may be charged for any piece that is not returned.  

*In no event shall Westside Consolidated School District be held liable to any claim of damage, negligence or breach of duty.

Chromebook Computers that are not returned prior to student departure for the summer or withdrawl from school will cause the school district to file a criminal complaint with the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office.

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